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On stage is a project by Manuel Canelles. It reflects on language matter, the identity of the perception and on the construction of perceived reality: what we enjoy does not necessarily correspond to (our idea of) reality. The project investigates the relationship between reality and its representation by exploring the language as an expressive matter through the different phases of the work.

What are we led to believe every day? Are we sure that what we give credit to every day in various areas – political, economic, personal – corresponds to a conscious choice? Or perhaps, rather, the process of building reality is one of the highest forms of control?

On stage is, than, a project that will be developed in various phases involving several international partners. The final outcome will be the representation of a radio drama, accessible through audio speakers.

The first phase was held in Rome (Italy) at Officine Nove, involving artists, sociologists, writers and directors who have worked on the construction of a dramaturgy where the line is weak and thin between what is fiction and what is reality.

During the second phase in Barcelona (Spain), at Espronceda, the project will be transformed into an experiential laboratory, directly involving the territory and its inhabitants, in order to capture all the sounds of everyday life.

During the opening, audio speakers will transmit the sounds produced during the workshop and in doing so, create a sound carpet that will give the feeling of participating in the lives of others. The Audience will also be able to enter inside the “control room” where they tell, in an anonymous form, the imagined story, and the surfaced images. Therefore, the audience can build their own personal dramaturgy by engaging in a dialogue between their own imagination – their own historical experience – and what the sound speakers transmit objectively.

The third phase will be defined in the future. It will combine the data and experiences produced in Italy and Spain, and be accompanied by an editorial publishing that will interactively narrate the artistic process.


Manuel Canelles


Roberta Melasecca Savina Tarsitano Ilaria Termolino


Interno 14 next (Roma, It)

Espronceda – Institute of Art & Culture (Barcelona, Es)

Spazio5 artecontemporanea (Bolzano, Trieste, It)


Espronceda – Institute of Art & Culture

Provincia Autonoma di Bolz - ano/Alto Adige – Ripartizione Cultura Italiana

Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano - Ufficio Politiche giovanili


Centro di cultura giovanile Vintola18, Bolzano, IT

ShowDesk, Napoli, IT


Marco Angelini  artist

Marco Binotto  sociologist

Martina Ferraretto  cinematographer

Angela Giassi  dramaturge

Angelo Ippati  sound engineer

Barbara Lalle  artist

Eva Loprieno  videomaker

Silvia Morandi  performer

Fabrizio Nastari  musician

Claudia Quintieri  writer

Valeria Termolino  translator

Federica Zianni  artist



Flora Sarrubbo

Manuel Canelles


Oscar Bettini

Cinzia Butelli

Carla De Vita

Emilia Pometti

Cristina Righetti

Giacomo Santi

Marco Serena

Ginevra Tarascio

Marinella Zanvettor


MACRO / Officine Nove 

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